Restoration of Works of Art and Craft

No matter how carefully a work of art is treated, it will eventually need repair or reinforcement due to the effects of age deterioration or environmental impurities. It takes many years of experience to be able to repair these works with an understanding of the age in which they were created and the original materials they were created with. It is also important that works repaired now are repaired in such a way that they can be repaired again in the future and preserved for coming generations. Using our results and experience in restoring cultural properties, we will repair your works of art while providing easy-to-understand explanations and meeting your requests.

Removal of the lining paper
Disassembly of the Scroll

Business Operations

  1. Boarding and framing of calligraphic works, paintings, etc.
  2. Restoration of paintings, books, works of dyed fabric, and works of craft, etc.
  3. Producing replicas of paintings, books, works of dyed fabric, works of craft, etc.
  4. Sales of restoration materials such as Washi(Japanese paper), adhesive materials, etc.
  5. Promotion of Japanese traditional materials such as Washi(Japanese paper), etc.
Removal of the old reinforced seam paper
Orihuse or "Reinforced seam paper"