The Usami Shuutokudou Corporation is a company that restores Oriental books, documents, prints, and works of art using traditional techniques based on the art of Kyoto-style picture mounting. It was established in September of 2006 as a separate company from Usami Shokakudo, which has over 220 years of experience in this field.

As the second son of the 8th president of the Usami Shokakudo Corporation, I was raised from a young age with an understanding of the aesthetics and techniques of Kyoto-style picture mounting. While working in Usami Shokakudo Corporation's workshop in the Kyoto National Museum's Cultural Assets Restoration Centre, I gained invaluable experience preserving and restoring designated cultural assets.

While preserving the traditional skills of Kyoto-style picture mounting, and using the restoration techniques I have learnt in my long career, I am dedicated to giving the best service and peace of mind to all my customers.

Usami Shutokudo Corporation
CEO and Founder Naoharu Usami

Restoration Objects

Paintings / Books / Paintings on Partitions / Paintings on Fusuma(sliding doors) / Folding Screens / Scrolls / Ancient Documents / Paper Fans / Antique Maps / Ukiyoe Prints / Works of Dyed Fabric / Blueprints / Precious Documents / other works of craft